If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

"It's been my genuine privilege to have Joel Fischer as my dentist. He is a consumate professional, always diligent and wise in his medical practice. But on top of that, he is unfailingly sensitive and kind to his patients, singularly wise and up-to-date on latest developments in dentistry and truly gifted as a practitioner."

-Steven J. Poskanzer, Former President SUNY New Paltz

"Dr. Fischer has been my dentist for a number of years. He has been the best dentist I've had and I'm 50!. He took my dull crooked teeth and gave me a smile of a movie star! I highly recommend this very talented and competent dentist."

-Paul Hunter, New Paltz

"I highly recommend Dr. Joel Fischer as a dentist who is considerate, careful, patient and skilled"

-Carlton Mabee, Pulitzer Prize winning author, New Paltz, NY

"I have full confidence that Dr. Fischer has treated each of my dental issues with extreme skill and care over the past 30 years. He has chosen the most effective treatments, while keeping the cost as affordable as possible."

-Susan Brenner, New Paltz, NY

"Thank you for all the work you've done to give me the best smile I've had in years. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent designing and planning and implementing all the steps for achieving this. You and Bridget and Ellyn made the whole process as bearable as possible...my thanks to them as well. I especially value your unending attention to detail and your refusal to accept any result that wasn't as perfect as it could be no matter how much extra effort that took on your part. From what I've read Michelangelo and Rembrandt were like that too. An artist has to be a craftsman too, to produce a masterpiece. Again, thank you so much for the great work. In case this didn't come across, I am very pleased."

-Steve L. Beinart, Rosendale, NY

"I've been Dr. Joel Fischer's patient for over 30 years. Need I say more? Using only state of the art materials, equipment, and proceedures, every visit is pain free and every concern taken to provide the very best dentistry. Dr. Fischer is not only an excellent dentist, but a kind and caring person. I hope he can remain my dentist for the next 30 years!"

-Rosemarie McBride Highland, NY

"Dr. Fischer has provided me with consistently reliable care. He is constantly upgrading the technology he uses in his craft and tirelessly continues to expand and improve on the knowledge he uses to deliver his patients the care they seek."

-David J. Kleinbard, Professor, Author, New York, NY

"When I relocated to New Paltz in 1995, on my list of things to do was to find a new dentist. I asked two people and they both recommended Dr. Fischer. I feel fortunate to have followed up and arranged my first of many appointments with this extremely talented dentist. Dr. Fischer is always looking at the next cutting edge breakthrough in dentistry and never stops in his growth for learning. During my life, I have been lucky to have been a patient with three gifted dentists, and I am happy to say Dr. Fischer has been my favorite. I would also like to thank Ellyn Fischer and the capable staff for all their professionalism. I highly recommend Dr. Fischer and wish him well in his new location."

-Michael Neenan, New Paltz, NY

"To Whom It May Concern,

Can one love their dentist? Is that done? Dr. Joel Fischer, I heart you.

After 25 years of “okay” dentists in NYC whose motivations were suspect and the standard of care, adequate at best. After endless appointments with various outcomes, mostly painful, leaving me frustrated, scared, and really angry, I met Joel Fischer in New Paltz, New York.…(cue the music).

I repeat, can one love their dentist? Is that done?

I love this team of professionals, this merry band of tooth fairies. I now have a wonderful smile, courtesy of an extraordinary dentist and man, and his incredible team. Thank you all!"

-Victoria Sanders  Stone Ridge, New York

I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea in 2009. I was subsequently fitted with a CPAP mask and I utilized that device for almost five years.I did not know that there were other options available.I struggled with the CPAP ,waking with headaches,enduring restless nights as I tossed and turned swinging my CPAP hose all over creation with me. My eyes were dried out as my mask almost continually sprung air leaks! I also wasn't a fan of not being able to smell while wearing that thing.Traveling was a nightmare. I was exhausted by 4:00 in the afternoon! Then I found Dr Fischer. He explained that there were other options, and he went to work. He fitted me with an oral appliance to wear at night that causes my jaw to adjust.This opens my airway and allows me a more restful,comfortable sleep experience. I now wake up more refreshed. My eyes are not dry and red constantly. My morning headaches are almost non existent. I am so happy that my sense of smell and hearing during the night are no longer compromised. This experience has been better for my psychological recovery during my sleep hours and I am alert and good all day! I would whole heartedly recommend exploring the option of an oral device. Dr Fischer and his staff made it happen seamlessly and effortlessly on my part from the get go!

-Mary Sheehan  New Paltz, NY

I am writing to let you know how pleased I have been with the sleep apnea device you had made for me five years ago this coming September. It has been a pleasure to wear compared to the CPAP machine I used for the prior year.  I could not sleep comfortably wearing a mask with cold air blowing into my nostrils and being tethered to a machine. When I opened my mouth to breathe during the night, the sound of air rushing out of my mouth woke both me and my wife. I tried a number of different masks and other options, but none worked well for me.
 My current device has been trouble free. I have worn it every night for 5 years. It is easy to put into my mouth, clean and use. It also takes up very little space when I travel with the device and weighs almost nothing.
 I had a sleep study done about a year ago with me wearing the device during an overnight stay at a hospital’s sleep lab. The study results showed that the device was eliminating my sleep apnea issues when I was using it, which validated my own positive opinion of how it was working.

-Jack Schachner  New Paltz NY
_ Edward Pollan   Kingston NY