About Us

Dentists Jamie Stauss, DMD, Ekta Pandya, DMD and Cameron Lewis

Vision, Mission, and Values

Ariel Dental Care’s organizational culture is defined by our vision (who we want to be), our mission (purpose) and our values (the principles by which we live). Everything we do should be guided by these three key elements of who we are. To this, we hold each other accountable.

Our Vision

To be a trusted leader in wellness-centered dentistry in our community.

Our Mission

To deliver the highest quality, state-of-the-art dental care and personal attention to all of our patients, resulting in healthy smiles across our region.

Our Values

ariel dental values chart

Welcome to Ariel Dental Care, where Drs. Jamie Stauss, Gary Wadhwa, and our dental team put the needs and comfort of our patients at the forefront of all we do. We genuinely care about the people we provide dental care for and are honored by the trust they place in us. Each patient is treated with respect and compassion, viewed as an individual with unique oral health requirements and desired treatment outcomes.We welcome new patients into our dental family, offering complimentary consultations and inviting them to come see our beautiful facility, meet our team, and talk about their smile dreams. Our ambiance is comfortable and inviting, offering warm colors and an open design, which helps to reduce anxiety levels in patients who have dental fears. Our treatment areas feature orthopedically designed treatment chairs for the ultimate in relaxation and individual televisions for viewing during procedures, should a patient wish to watch.

Our doctors and staff use only proven, leading-edge treatment processes, which are painless and effective, while utilizing state-of-the-art technologies that improve accuracy and treatment outcomes, with faster results. We offer many treatment options to help a patient attain optimal oral health, and we tailor plans based on the patient’s specific clinical needs and budget.

Our team specializes in caring for patients who experience dental anxiety. We understand that, due to previous experiences, many patients put off seeking treatment. We are not here to judge, but rather to listen, reassure, and help a patient work through their fears. We are thankful that they have decided to trust us with their care. There is never any pressure placed on a patient, and we proceed with treatments and procedures based on a pace that they are comfortable with.

For more information about the dental care options available at Ariel Dental Care, and to schedule a complimentary consultation for yourself or a loved one at our New Paltz, NY office, please call. We welcome patients from Highland, Stone Ridge, and all neighboring communities.

Our dental team looks forward to working with you to create healthy, beautiful teeth for a lifetime of confident smiles.