Jamie Stauss, DMD

Meet Dr. Stauss

Dentistry is not just about education, knowledge, and prowess – it’s also understanding what a patient wants and needs from their doctor. I pride myself in not only being the doctor you can rely on for that knowledge, but for the understanding, warmth, and attention you need to feel good about your dental health. I’ve spent my entire career not only working towards my own deeper understanding of the science of dentistry, but building a sense of trust and compassion with all of my patients, both old and new. As a doctor, it is my primary responsibility to help you make the best decisions towards your own health, comfort, and happiness.

My interest in dentistry began when I was only 17 years old. I was working as an assistant for a female dentist. It was the first time I had ever seen a woman in this line of work and it gave me the empowerment and inspiration I needed to know that this was what I truly wanted to do.

I graduated from The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine in 1998, a distinguished school among comprehensive universities. It was there that I learned that this was not only the career I wanted, but my passion. Not long after graduation, I spent a year at Waterbury Hospital Health Center in Connecticut for my general practice residency. Before 1999 could even end, I was already working at Pine Street Dental Associates. It’s been many years and an amazing journey, but I’m still as excited to work with patients as the day that I first began almost 20 years ago.

My expertise is in crowns, bridges, implant restorations, bleaching, and aesthetics. An important aspect of my job is continuing education well past graduation date. There is always more to learn and the study never truly ends! Dentistry is constantly improving in our technology-based world, and it is my responsibility to keep up with the newest trends in scientific research and share this information with my patients. By staying up-to-date, I can provide you with the best, most innovative care possible.

I also provide options for those who are seeking alternative dental work. I understand the importance of knowing what exactly is going into your body, which is why I’m happy to work with metal-free crowns and bridges, amalgam-free techniques, BPA free composites and digital radiography for decreased exposure.

Outside of dentistry, I’m an avid hiker – and what better place to live for hiking than the Hudson Valley! I’m also native to New Paltz, NY and take pride in where I live. Working in New Paltz reminds me of the comforts of home and makes me glad to serve the area.I want to be your friendly neighborhood dentist, the one you can rely on and feel assured that you will leave with the biggest (not to mention prettiest) smile possible!

Education and Credentials:

  • Associate Dentist 1999-present
  • 12 Week implant internship with Noble Biocare
  • LVI Endodontics with Dr. Kit Weathers
  • CPR Ceritifed
  • Affiliated with ADA Third District Dental Association of New York
  • Waterbury Hospital Health Center
  • General Practice Residency June 1998-June 1999
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine DMD